Shogun 2 help :D

Hey wise people :3

I want to make sure that my pc can run shogun 2 before I buy it.

5770 oc'd to 920/1350
amd 550 x3 unlocked and oc'd to 3'4 ghz
8 gb ram 1333mhz

Resolution of monitor 1920x1080

People, romans, country men :D any help would be appreciated! Im willing to upgrade the cpu or the gpu if someone can give me a valid reason and I'm willing to wait till the new gen is out too. About $200 im willing to spend on upgrades, only sites I can use are = 4113 store

Cheers :)
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  1. You will be able to run it but not on high graphical settings. As you turn up some of the settings and enable dx11 this game's requirements to achieve 60 fps border on ridiculous.
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