I am a newbie building my first computer witha quick question.I am using MAXTOR sata harddriveASPIRE ATXAS 500W 12V POWER SUPPLY.I read on a differnt sight that this power supply does not support sata harddrives. now the power supply does plug into the harddrive but im not getting any bios message when I power up my computer, is this my problem or is there something else I should look at. if there is a dedifferance in power supplys what is it.
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  1. A PSU is a PSU. I assume that article was referring to the PSU not having an actual SATA power plug? I am guessing you probably actually just used the standard 4 pin molex connector to power your SATA drive (or an adapter)?

    When you say you don't get a BIOS message, you mean the computer does nothing when you turn it on?

    Any PSU can power a SATA drive, so that shouldn't be your problem. If you want to test my "theory" unplug your SATA drive, I'm willing to bet your problem still exsists.

    If your BIOS is not posting, do all your fans and such turn on? If so, one by one start removing stuff, until you are only using absolutely necessary stuff (After all cards are out, go down to one RAM stick, and try swapping the RAM sticks if the problem still exsists).

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  2. There are 3 ways to power an SATA drive, either by the native SATA power connector (all drives have them), by the old fashioned 4-pin power connector (many drives have them), or by an SATA power to 4-pin power adapter (usually included with the motherboard). Any of these are acceptable, so you don't "need" a power supply with the SATA power headers.

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  3. ok the harddrive is power all fans r working I i did it down to the first stick of ram,should i be getting a m essage on my screen to format the harddrive < because im getting nothing thats what i mean by the bios message
  4. I think you and I have different views on what BIOS message is. :smile:

    So you do get the screen that says your CPU speed, and memory check and all that?

    If you do get that much, you don't have to take anything apart, put it all back.

    Do you already have Windows installed to another drive?

    Is the SATA going to be your boot drive (The drive the Operating system is installed on)?

    First make sure you have the SATA enabled in your BIOS, then when your computer tries to boot somewhere on one of the screens it should at least list your hard drive.

    If you are trying to install Windows, keep in mind that windows installation is not going to see the hard drive unless you install SATA drivers during the install.

    If you already have Windows installed you have to partition the drive first, then format. In Windows XP right click on the My Computer icon, click Manage, then under that window Disk Management. Something like Partition Magic or another program if you have them will also do this if you prefer.

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  5. no i do not get the screen that shows cpu speed etc
  6. Oh, I see :frown: .

    Well then you have a problem, and I highly doubt it is anything with the hard drive or the PSU.

    First make sure when you put the motherboard in, you only have "stand-offs" where you have screw holes in the motherboard. If you have any of these stand-offs are screws touching/shorting the motherboard this can happen.

    Second repost this in the motherboard, or maybe even the CPU forum, you will get a much bigger response. Post with some sort of title like, new computer won't POST. List your specs and such.

    Does your PC speaker beep or anything? If it doesn't pull out the last stick of RAM, does it beep now?

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