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After I forced shut down my netbook by hitting the power button, I get the message force shut or cancel whenever I shut down. Is there anything I can do to turn the message screen off? I had to power off when my netbook hanged. Since then the force shutdown or cancel message always blink when i shut down
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  1. That message appears when a program has not finished addressing the memory/working. In the message Windows should tell you which program hangs. Once you identify that program try un-installing it and then re-installing it if you need it. Also, it might be a program that loads with the OS, you can run msconfig and identify which programs start when Windows starts, then un-check the un-necessary ones.
    In the end, you might want to close all programs that you were using BEFORE shutting down the netbook. And please give it some time to do so, don't forget, a netbook is not as snappy as a laptop or a desktop due to hardware limitations. Windows is doing the right thing trying to prevent you from losing any data that you may need and that particular program was utilizing at the time of shutdown.
    When you use the power button you do NOT cause a force shutdown, you just initiate the shutdown sequence (except for when you HOLD the power button for a few seconds, then you just cut the power to the netbook). Because in Windows 7 the shutdown sequence has a higher priority than in previous versions of Windows, in will try to rush through the sequence, sometimes before the other programs that were running had a chance to stop. That's why you get this message, and again, the hardware limitations will cause that in a netbook. See above.
  2. how to rectify it to have
    a normal shut down
  3. how to rectify it to have a normal shut down
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