Will Battlefield Bad Company 2 run on my PC?

Hey, I recently bought a new computer. My friend told me that my video cards bad. I was wondering will that have an effect on gameplay. If so, how much.
My Specs:
->8gb RAM
->intel i7
->windows 7 home premium 64-bit
-> Nvidia GeForce GT520 1GB
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  1. That GPU is a major bottleneck in your system. It will run Bad Company 2 at low - medium settings. I'd go and get perhaps something like a GTS450 as you can pick one up for about £90, and you'll be able to max that game out. I believe you could also use your current card as a dedicated PhysX card if you plan on playing games that support it and have 2 PCIe slots on your motherboard.
  2. lol i can max the game out on a 5870... but only just...
    the 450 will crumple at max settings, dont lie to the guy... he would be looking at medium at best.
  3. Yeah, the video card is a bad one.
    I suggest you get a better one. Also, what is the model of that i7 CPU or yours?
    Mention your budget and PSU also, if you're willing to upgrade it.
  4. I'm not lying to him. I've maxed out BFBC2 on my old GTS450 with a decent framerate at 1920 x 1080, and it handled very well.
  5. yes it will run fine

    i ran it on a core 2 duo e7600 with a hd4670

    it will run, im not sure if you will be able to max it out but should have decent framerates
  6. some of you guys are crackers. the only way that game will run at 1080p is to reduce the settings dramatically. maybe even the res. i didn't see one card listed that will play it on high without some sort of adjustments being made. and the game also won't run for a hill of beans on a dual core. Maybe, if it's possible that the game will run in DX9 mode, can some of these claims to come close.

    would be nice to know what processor seeing how that line only has 30... ????
  7. no adjustments, max settings 1080p fsaax4 min fps 41 with dx 11 features turned on.
    on my single 5870 the game should max out @30 with something like a 560ti

    bf3 slightly better 43 minimum on mine... so yes at least 1 of the cards mentioned will max it...
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