I'm seeking a PSU for my new system (Asus P5GD1 Motherboard) and i would like some recomendations on a power supply for it. I have noted the antec Neopower480 and the Zalman Z400 (although this doesnt come with a 24pin adapter)

would this work ok :

please help me !
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  1. That board has the 24-pin ATX connection, right? Fortron Source's 460W and 550W units are 24-pin and well priced.

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  2. I went with the Neopower. Vesatile, powerful, plenty of connects and less clutter. The Zalman looks better but... Antec's a trusted name in PSU plus NewEgg had a $20.00 instant rebate that, at the time, took the price of this PSU down to $120.00 American, can't do much better'n that.

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