Fans: 3-pin vs 2-pin

I want to replace some noisy OEM 40mm x 10mm fans with good ball-bearing fans, but the only ones I can find are 3-pin (presumedly the third pin is a speed signal). Can I use these with 2-pin connectors? I realize I may have to rewire/change the connector, but will the fan function?
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  1. Yeh the fan will work fine, you were correct the 3rd wire is a speed signal. simply take out the blue/black and red wires and connect them up to the pins on the 2pin connector.
  2. Which fan are you replaceing? CPU, GPU or a case fan? I'm only asking as you might be better of buying a branded fan like Panaflo or Zalman.
  3. You just shift the connection over so the speed sensor wire hangs off. 50% of the time you'll get the right polarity.

    You might also have to reverse the polarity, you can do that by unlatching the connectors through the little slots, but better yet you can just get a pair of thin nose pliers and pull the plastic guard off the board pins, then turn it around and push it back on.

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  4. I'm replacing the fans on my ATI video cards and the Gigabyte MB chipset fans - all sleeve fans that have gotten noisy. I have on order some Spire ball bearing fans. Thanks for all your wisdom.
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