GTX 560 Ti vs. 6950

I was sure I was going to make up my mind about buying the 560 Ti, then I saw a lot of people recommending the 6950. I really want the strongest one. The price range is not big with the 6950 only being 20 dollars more. I am really planning to play a lot of FPS games at max settings. I found a lot of the cards on Newegg, which just make me even more confused. I will post some of the cards I found.



There are still a lot of them out there which I probably don't know of so if there are any better ones please share. Thanks.
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  1. Here is a link to explain the difference. My self I like Nvidia on the upper end cards and AMD on the lower end. I hope this helps
  2. Thanks for the info. But now, which GTX should I get? EVGA? Gigabyte? Asus? Any other?
  3. You can never go wrong with EVGA
  4. they fail to mention the issues a lot of people are having with the 560ti... its a grumpy bitch that will spit its dummy at the first opportunity... my advice is stay well clear of it for now at least. overall both will give middle of the road performance with the amd giving a slight lead on more titles if you have a good but not great cpu. because nvidia cards need a little more cpu threading power. if you have an intel part both will traid blows but if you have an amd cpu you will get a slight edge of the ati gfx. its not much though, maybe 1-2 fps most of the time.. but hey if your on a tight budget and playing a game like crysis 2 then that 1-2 fps can be the differenc between having fun and being frustrated.
    last point... 1 gig is enough for 1080p gaming the guy on legit reviews under plays this quite a bit... adding more ram will only be of use if you run tripple monitors it wont improve gaming performance on a single monitor setup if your rez is under 1920/1200. and even when you run a game in eyefinity you will still need to drop settings as there is no single card that can run 5k/1k rez and not take a huge hit...
  5. Problems with the 560ti ?

    In what way ?

    I have 2 Asus Direct CUII GTX560ti in 2 different machines and have never had issue with either of them.
  6. It depends on what you play.

    I've not seen any threads on here where the 560ti has been noted as having particular issues. I'm also not that comfortable with the idea of the intel vs amd argument, I think thats a bottlenecking issue, and without huge samples you won't be able to see 1-2 fps, other than on railed benchmarks.
  7. ^+1
    Like I said before I like Nvidia on the High side of the cards and AMD has more to choose from on the low side and they make decent card. It is up to you to decide. You have been given a lot of good answers. I hope it has helped and Good luck
  8. I have chosen to go with the EVGA GTX 560 Ti. Thanks for all the help.
  9. I would have personally gone for the 6950.. I myself have the 6950 and also the 560ti

    6950 out performs the 560ti and i use the 2500k processor.

    But you have chosen your fate now lol
  10. Actually I am now stuck between the 570 and 560 Ti. I don't know what it is about AMD that makes me not want to buy anything from them. I think it is that I may not use the CrossFire or something.. I really don't know. I see Radeon beating a lot of the Nvidia cards yet I am still sticking to Nvidia. Fanboy maybe. :pfff:
  11. either go with the 560ti 2gb or the 570 or if the 570 got anything with more than 2gb or something just go with it
  12. Here are three links on the the 560 ti and the HD 6950 these should help you to decide which one you want.
  13. I have the 6950, runs beautifully. Haven't had any issues with this GPU. Personally, I would not minding taking the Nvidia for a test flight due to everybody highly recommending.. But thats something for the future.

    Good luck with your decision.
  14. If you are caught in between the 570 and 560 ti here is a 560 ti 448 core which puts it in the middle of the two cards. Nvidia was trying to make a 560 the same as a 570 it just couldn't hold up to the 570. However it is a very nice card and I wish I could have two of them.
  15. ill give u a more reasonable statement then these, if it is only a 1-2 fps difference, go for the gtx 560 ti not only because iam a fanboy but because nvidia have better drivers and update automatically when they see a problem with games, you wont see a 1-2 fps difference. ATI/AMD cards are noisy and generate a lot of heat when on full load and ATI/AMD have poor drivers for there cards. i do own a pny gtx 560 ti OC'd and have had it for 6 months now and i have to tell you its amazing, no problems, the temperatures are perfect (the minimum temperature my card ever went is 24 degrees C thats when the window is open considering its cold here in canada, the maximum temp it ever goes is around 66 degrees C when playing BF3). My card plays every game on the market with smooth fps and high textures. I go for nvidia because i feel more trusted with them.
  16. I have to agree on some of NvidiaNerd's points. The drivers and they are a lot better on the high end. Where as AMD card on the high are not that grate and 1 to 2 FPS you will never notice it unless you have better than 2020 vision.

    The thing is AMD on the lower end makes there cards a lot better. They don't use as much power as the Nvidia cards and they are cheaper plus You get more of a selction. You want to save on money?

    Then get the 560 ti. If you have the money then get the 570. the 560 ti 448 core is only 50 dollars more than the 560 ti one. They are a nice card to OC and when that is done they run faster than a 570.

    The down side is they don't make that card anymore. Once they are gone that is it. Or you could wait one more month and see what the new Nvidia Kepler brings to the table. Any way good luck.
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