Will hard truck 2 work with windows 7?

i have hard truck 2 and it downloads and all but when i go to click play it goes to the player screen and then it acts like it crashers whats going on
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  1. Hi :)

    This is why....

    Hard Truck. System Requirements:
    - Pentium 266 CPU (Pentium III recommended for best performance)
    - 64 MB RAM
    - Direct3D compatible hardware accelerator
    - Windows compatible sound card (recommended)
    - Force Feedback steering wheel and pedals (recommended)
    - Windows 9X, Windows 2000
    - DirectX 7.X

    Too old...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. the game is to old for the new windows?
  3. Yeah. Sometime it happens that older software / games will not work with newer operating systems because the OS can execute some types of instructions differently than the OS the program / game was originally designed for.

    Also, the game does not have to be very old to not work or to have problems. Fallout 3 is a recent game; released back in 2008. The game is not officially supported by Windows 7, some people have issues running that game, but there are workarounds to get it up and running.

    I had minor issues getting Fallout 3 running on my laptop with Win 7. However, I have issues running G.E.C.K. in Win 7. That is an official Fallout 3 toolkit used to create modifications for the game. So far, I cannot get it up and running and have not found a solution.
  4. Have you tried running in compatibility mode? Right click the exe file, go to properties, and then the compatibility tab.
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