Need advice for athlon 64 power supply.

I'm going to buy a new power supply to handle My athlon 64 3000. I've dicided to go with ENERMAX NOISETAKER series 420 watts. Do you think this is a good choice or can anyone think of one that would be better and maybe a little cheaper. Needs to have plenty of plugs for my 3 case fans, hard drive, and 2 cd roms.
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  1. Enermax makes good supplies. Best bang for the buck is Fortron Source, they're underrated more than Enermax or Antec. But the Noisetaker is probably quieter.

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  2. Great PSU, and will have no trouble running your system. Currently running there here with

    P4 2.8
    2x512 DDR400
    1x80GB SATA
    2x40GB PATA
    2x80mm case fans
    Radeon 9800 Pro
    Asus WifiB card.

    So yeah, should have no trouble running what you want to run on it. And it's very quiet, love it.
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