a way to display folder size?


Is there a way to see immediately the size of a folder without having to right click on it and go to properties? I tried detail view but the size column was just blank. Thank you.

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  1. If the folder has no other folders in it, the status bar will show the folder contents size from the Folders side of Explorer, otherwise I think that's the only way. Oh, you could also open the folder and quickly select all, but again, only if there are no folders in the folder.

    Don't know any other ways, but that doesn't mean they dont' exist...


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  2. If you just hold your mouse over a folder for a second, it will tell you how much data is in it
  3. Browse from the Open folder menu, not Explore (meaning: have no right/left window, but one) it'll tell you all the deteilz on the left side.

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