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soon i will be building my first gaming pc, what are the must haves? im into shooters racing and openworld rpgs. i already plan on all the crysis games halflife games, what else is worth looking into?
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  1. BF3, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Skyrim. Those would be my top 3 suggestions from 2011, in that order.
  2. any oldies aswell?
  3. Shooters: Cod Modern Warfare (the whole series), Hitman
    Racing: Test Drive Unlimited, NFS Hot Pursuit, Dirt 3
    RPGs: Fallout 3 and New Vegas
    casualcolors has mentioned the rest I could think of.

    robthatguyx said:
    any oldies aswell?

    Racing: NFS Most Wanted, Hot Pursuit 2, Underground 1 & 2, Midtown Madness 1 & 2
    RPGs: Oblivion, Avernum 1, 2, 3, Blades of Avernum (yes, they're all trial versions and very old, but they're still very enjoyable)
  4. sucks i have a GREAT gamesave on f3 for xbox but its going to stay that way dont think theres away to bring 360 gamesaves to pc lol i took around 800hrs xp and put it into 1 120 hr gamesave
  5. I actually really like the Left for Dead games, i recommend them if your into shooters and zombies.
  6. on pc is there a slight lag when you move the mouse to charecter i know that anoyed me alot in the xbox versions
  7. Games which haven't been mentioned yet


    STALKER series
    Doom 3


    The Witcher
    The Witcher 2
    Fallout 3 (tbh I much, much preferred STALKER's take on a post apocalypse world.)
  8. ive heard if i play thestalker games i should get the complete mod
  9. Battlefield 3
    Need For Speed Hot pursuit(2010)
  10. robthatguyx said:
    ive heard if i play thestalker games i should get the complete mod should. Don't even think about playing them without it. The mod takes care of 99% of the problems the games had, and at the same time makes it look and play 2x better.
  11. if its that bad ill just consider the mod a patch lol
  12. TF2, boarderlands, bf3, ........................... starfox 64.......................... goldeneye 007 64.
  13. idk about borderlands played it on xbox wasnt to into it
  14. I've played Counter Strike: Source for 5 years now and I'm still playing it and having fun. People make so many great mods for the game so it's like 10 games in one. Team Fortress 2 is free to play so might as well check that out because it is a very good game. I'd also recommend Half Life 2 purely because it's one of those "standards" like super mario brothers (and because I love valve). The original Bioshock is a pretty amazing experience. The total war games are great RTS games. I've been playing Shogun 2: Total War and I've had a blast. Haven't played many older games but Hitman: Blood Money was good despite being old. What kind of genre are you interested in?
  15. From my point of view Action games,Shooting games and Racing games are must include in pc games Collection.
    Good Action games are:-1. Back To Earth 2
    2.Battlefield 2
    4.Action Ball Deluxe

    Racing Games names are:-1.King of Muppetry
    2.SnesOrama Supporter
    3.DiRT 3
    4.Need for Speed: The Run

    Shooting Games names are:-1.TrackMania 2 Canyon
    2.3d swat
    3.100 Men
    4. 33 Quickshot
  16. I want to say mass effects, but I actually don't think that they are that good, get them cheap on steam when they are on sale.
    Witcher 1 is good, witcher 2 is so different that I struggle to like it, or its on too hard a setting.
  17. Shooters:

    Team Fortress 2 (free to play on Steam)

    BF3 - best multiplayer shooter out there imo

    Crysis 2 (if you're into singleplayer shooters, and can get it cheap)


    Dirt 3


    Blur (Awesome both LAN and via interwebs)


    The Elder Scrolls - Skyrim

    For a combination of both racing and shooters: Mafia 2 and GTA 4
  18. I forgot one in my last reply.
    GTA San Andreas.
  19. ive played bioshock one def getting it on pc and will be preodering infinite,as of now im lookking mainly at crysis 1 crysis war head crysis 2 gta iv grid the stalker games bf 1 2 3,and if i can find it need for speed hot pursuit 2. going to get these games over as period of time of course just nice to have a outlook on what i wanna get lol,also gonna focus mainly on sp..i here i shouold do that because people online on pc just destroy compared to console players so i want to get used to the kb and mouse
  20. from my personal list of must get games (sorry if games have already been mentioned):

    •Call of Duty Series
    o MW1
    o MW2
    o Black Ops
    •Medal of Honor Series
    o Medal of Honor (2010)
    o Mass Effect
     ME1
     ME2
     ME3
    o Dragon Age
     DA1
     DA2

    •CD Projekt
    o Witcher 1
    o Witcher 2
    o HL2
    o HL2: ep 1,2
    o Starcraft 2

    -Just cause 2
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