Searching for a good headset primaly for PC fps gaming!

Hello all, I'm trying to upgrade my PC gaming experience and competitivety lately, and when it comes to audio things are getting a lil complicated. There is a ton of conflicting information and opinions, so I figured I would ask just another time myself: What's the best headset for, mainly, sound-whoring in fpses like CoD/BF/TF2? I want to know where enemies are.

I am thinking about the Tritton Ax Pro's, the Astro A40, Logitech G35 or a Razer perhaps.. My prefered were the Tritton's at first glance, but now I'm unsure of how well they couple with a PC, as Tritton's site says they're not compatible with PCs in the US and I don't reallly know what this means.
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  1. I have tried several different headsets and have finally found one that is worth writing about. The Razer Carcharias is truly amazing. Previous headsets tended to be uncomfortable and their mics would leave me with "huh, what did you say, i can't hear your" from other players. This headset was out-of-the-box ready to go. I started playing and without a single adjustment either on the headset or in game was needed to hear and be heard with perfect clarity. I hope this helps you out.
  2. AVOID Tritton AX Pro headset. It's true 5.1 and it sounds great, but the mic broke on me in 24 hours and this is not a remotely isolated incident. They are compatible with PC if you have a 5.1/7.1 soundcard or your MOBO supports 5.1/7.1. You can do this with the analog or optical connections, but the reliability on the AX Pro's is awful. I'm about to return mine and get something decent, which I haven't decided on yet. I"ll be watching your thread to piggy-back advice you receive.
  3. i have the logitech g930, it sounds great in games although the headset seems to be badly programmed, spacing doesn't work unless your in stereo and goes off in 7.1 my guess is the switch is back to front.

    other than that i cant fault em... creative now have there own wireless headset and like logitech used uncompressed audio so there will be no clarity loss although there likely to be 16bit cd quality audio not 32 studio quality. but honestly you cant really tell
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