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My 3 year old 250W codegen psu recently blew out after I installed a new hd. I heard this loud POP and then my computer shut down and this burning smell wafted through the room. I hooked up a 200w psu with nothing but the one hd with XP on it, and it got past the bios screen and said floppy drive disconnected, but everything seemed okay. I ordered a thermaltake 400W psu through zipzoomfly to replace my aging psu. THe next day, however, I hooked up a 300W psu I found lying in an unused computer around the house because I needed to get a file from one of the HD's. After connecting all of the cables, I boot up but it just stops on the motherboard logo, and sits there. I rebooted and went into BIOS, and then go into PC status, and it says the CPU is running at 28C (My computer has never dropped below 50). So I reboot and I get the same problem.Eventually, after 10 minutes of waiting on the motherboard logo, it says "Error loading OS", even if the Windows XP Pro cd is in the drive, it doesn't even load the CD. What the hell went wrong? Is my cpu burned out or something? Oh, and here's my system, in case someone should need it
2500+ barton, Biostar M7VIT Pro, 512 pc2700 corsair, 200gb seagate, 80gb wd, 9800 pro 128mb
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  1. Write back to us when you get the new power supply installed.

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  2. Nothing like the smell of Fried PSU. :smile:
  3. heya Dein26;

    First of all you didnt have nearly enough PSU to begin with, you needed atleast a True Power 300w PSU, im not suprised it blew some caps, however with that in mind, it would be a good bet that it took a couple pieces of hardware with it, you will be damn lucky if it didnt damage your CPU and RAM, although it sounds like your Graphics card made it ok, so chances are better that your CPU and memory are ok, before you start freaking out, reset C-Mos, who knows what a surge like that would do to your C-mos, try it out and see how it goes, if it fixes the problem then great, if not, try some other things like testing your ram in a different machine, genral trouble shooting procedures like that, if your ram checks out, then it will probably be time to RMA the mobo.

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