Left 4 dead 2 disc 2?

I just brought this game today and I installed it, but it never ask for disc 2 or what... so is there something I missing? the disc 2 has no autorun so.... im stuck ^^
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  1. Hope you've got a good internet connection, it'll download the rest of the game directly from Valve. With the rate of updates that Left 4 Dead 2 gets anyway, your DVD copy of the game is guaranteed to be out of date.
  2. yeah I just have to wait less than 4hrs -_- anyway the disc 2 is pretty useless but I just want to know what is the purpose of it aside from a flying dvd :D
  3. Disk 2 probably has the main source engine files on it. With disk 1 containing the unique L4D2 files. That way anyone with any source game already installed wouldn't need disk 2.

    Well atleast thats my guess :-p
  4. well that explains... since I dont play around the contents of disc 1. my game cover says includes two new campaigns: the passing + the sacrifice
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