Nvidia geforce 9500 gt games

tell me some games of that card?
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  1. What resolution are you (hoping to) gaming at?
  2. Doom 95, Tetris, Demon star... im joking

    You should be able to get away with some recent titles (on very low settings).

    What would also help is if you posted the rest of your system specs.
  3. mostly online games.
  4. At 1366x768, it can handle any game, i play skyrim on medium with textures and effects up, wow on max,all call of duty's till day, league of legends on high at 60 fps flat, anything you like in fact, im not sure about batman arkam city or battlefield 3(i use my latpot for them) but it rocks crysis with HD textures patch and on gamer.
  5. It can handle lots of games but at medium and at 720p resolution. I used to have that card , then i got hit in the knee , just kiddin , dumped it and bought a new one . But yeah , you should be able to play even the newer games at low and 720p
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