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i am trying to play black ops running, two 6750 crossfire mode. every time the game starts to play a blue screen comes up. when i take the cross fire off. the game plays fine. has any one solved the problem to this. i have every thing updated on my win-64 bit and steam is updated to. i would like to have the power of two card runing in cross fire.
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  1. i had same issues the game is a pile of crap.

    in console you have to MANUALLY tell the game to runnig 2 gpu's and also more than 1 CPU core.

    its not steam or your pc or anything else its just a game made for console and nothing more than a console will run it how it should be played.

    no idea of the command since anything you have to change ingame which you WILL have to for making this right will get you kicked by Punkbuster for graphics violations as a hacker which its clearly not and there is no support for it. some pc's will work and some do work its pot luck
  2. wow black ops need to fix that. :( thanks for the info sponny. if you fine any things else about 2 gpu let me know . i will try to fine answer for it and i will let you know if i fine anything
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