OK I admit I am an idiot.
I got the big cable pipe.
So what do I do with it.
A couple of days ago I tried to find some Warez games.
After about 4 hours of pop ups I finally threw in the towel.
Even after trying to follow the directions on the web sites I kept going in circles.
And now...
(By the way I'm using Me)
After they changed my start up page no big deal there I thought I escaped the madness relativily unscathed.
Whenever I open my browser now every so often out of the blue I get warez ftp popups.
And I also get some kind of quick activex error when the browser first opens I noticed but it may be nothing I dunno.
All I wanted was Carmageddon3.
And I'm not shure but I think my downloads are acting funny now too when I try and download programs at 105kb after a few megs it just hangs.
But if I dl on a slower server its ok.
However that may not be related at all to the warez popups I dunno but that also has been a major pain in my ass the last few days.
I am concerned/curios about the warez popups they wont go away.
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  1. Nothing comes for free!!! :lol:

    Try fresh installing Windows :smile:

    This site is cool.
  2. Reinstalling my windows is an option but I am curious as to how this ftp pop up was implimented unto my computer.
    (By the way I only have Me upgrade I got my original Win98 from a Ghost because My original copy melted in a fire.)
  3. Whew! That's like ripping off a car, and then cursing the owner because they didn't keep it clean.

    Anyway, if you have no way of reformating/reinstalling, I don't have the slightest idea of what to do. You can try running some antivirus software, or putting a firewall up.
  4. Well...
    I heard that you can format a hard drive.
    And then put 1 single solitary file on that hard drive.
    And then When you put the Upgrade disk in is sees this file and says to itself, This is an upgradeable Windows install and puts the upgrade on the computer.
    But I don't remember how to do this.
    Do you?
  5. Have you tried clearing out your temporary internet files, cookies and history? It just seems a bit drastic to talk about re-installing if there is a solution.

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  6. I deleted all my cookies but I still get the pop ups.
    I get them when I open IE and when I close out all my IE windows.
    They come from warezoracle.com I think.
    When I open IE I get my homepage but the browser says opening warezoracle when I am not opening that page.
    Two bit spammers....
  7. WinME has a wonderfull feature called "System Restore"... use it child and bee happee... heh

    Post, we'll do the "search"... :wink:
  8. Make sure you deledt everything in c:\windows\temp\ and c:\windows\Temporary Internet Files\

    And then start up IE, go to tools/internet options/ and then hit the delete button that comes up on the General tab.

    If that doesn't help, then try searching for all files creates/modified in those 4 hours, and delete any suspicious ones (be careful though... don't delete any system files).

    Really love your peaches wanna shake your tree.
  9. I cannt restore because since iI never fingered a date previously Winblows will not restore anything...I tried.
    I have deleted all temp files/cookies/ect. nothing
    Interestingly when I open my browser I get the left column, you know, the one the displays your history and a few other things when you open it.
    I had been just closing it but last time I let the browser finish loading and low and behold.
    I loaded up the whole warezoracle website alongside my homepage.
    In that left column!
    There is nothing in the internet options that looks suspicious to me.
    And I do not remember the day I was surfing warez so I cannot look for files changed in that time frame.
    Even if I knew how to do that.
    I am screwed.
    And worse yet.
    The Warezoracle web site has porn on it and when my wife sees that im in a lot of trouble.
  10. Hey if your unable to reinstall winme you may just wana deleat IE and download Netscape and use that instead or just deleat IE and redownlaod it......

    i dont know its just a suggestion

    7-|3 ^^4|\ \\[7-| 7-|3 8[9 57[<< 4[\\4`/5 \\[|\5....
  11. did you try getting all the updates form microsoft yet
  12. try grc.com you'll find an excelent firewall u can use for free (zone alarm) you'll also find links and info about spyware and software that will remove them.

    every thing is personal when your a person
  13. I've been surfing Warez sites frequently too, the best I can recommend you is to install AdSubtract Pro to eliminate the pop-ups and redirections. Install a firewall too, if you can't get Norton Internet Security, get ZoneAlarm Pro. If not, don't leave your computer running 24hrs/day if you're using cable modem. Cheers...
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