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I run SKyrim at 60+ frames with out fraps recording. When I turn fraps on to record it drops below 20. This is at 1080p when I change my resolution the fps stays around 50. Does fraps need a lot of video ram to record? I have a 1100t overclocked to 4 ghz and 8 gig of ram. I am also recording to a seperate HD. I have seen other people record with fraps with same components and not get as bad of results as I do.

Thanks for all help.
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  1. no, you need to check the tab for video , you will find theres a limiter there that will alow you to set the fps which fraps records at.

    open fraps, open the movie tab and down the left you will see F9 dissable. under that are the video capture settings set it to 60fps, 50, or 30 under that there is a variable bok where you can set the fps yopu want. just use the check blot at the sides of the number to select which 1 you want to use. on the right you will see another checkbox lower down to the right. uncheck lock framerate if you just want to record what ever fps you want or hope you can get.
  2. I have it set at 30 fps. I am pretty sure that my problem is the the hdd my internal is kinda crap and slow I know its bottlenecking just by the windows 7 rating it gave me.

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    its more likely your hdd is the culprit in that it cant read and write at the same time effectively... try changing the destination directory to a different hdd, not a different partition on the same drive as thats unlikely to solve it unless its writing to a different platter in the drive.
    depending on the drive and the platter config a separate partition my actually work but it really does depend on the drive itself... some will fill 1 platter then move down to the next while other high performance drives can be configured to write data to each platter sequentially like a raid config but in 1 hdd.
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