Can you add vram to a graphics card?

Hello, this may seem like a pretty noob question but I am new to computing. Well basically I have a sapphire HD6870 and on the box it says 1GB but when I go into Dxdiag it says "Approx. total memory: 743mb" Also, when I go to can you run it I fail BF3 recommended just because it says I don't have 1gb vram, any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
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  1. Dxdiag don't always get it right.

    Your GPU is fine for BF3.
  2. Are you running a 32bit OS?
    If so the 4gb total rule includes vram as well as standard ram.
  3. if hes running 32bit os. you may have a point. but as far as i know the gfx ram is counted b4 system ram so when the o.s counts to 4 gig it should take 1 from the system memory and leave the gfx memory intact... so you are left with 1 gig vram and 3 system ram. so a grand total of 4 gig.

    if your on 64bit then your card has an issue. as it should display your gfx ram and some extra that windows sets aside... mine totals nearly 4 gig of display ram for example and i have a 5870 gig version.

    get gpu-z... it should tell you how much gfx ram is there regardless of the o.s.
  4. +1 with HEXiT, use GPU-Z.
  5. Hey, well I have a win7 64 bit. I also have 8gb ram so I guess a gig of ram would share with my gfx card?
  6. Well I just dl/ed GPU-Z and it says "Memory size: 1024mb" so I guess you were right :) Thanks for everyones help. :D
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