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When I try to install windows 7 I get to the point where you have to select which drive/partition you want to install it on. This is when the installation hits a brick wall. I had recently backed up and reformatted a 270GB partition of my HDD and decided to use that to install my windows 7 on it. The problem is that when I try to install it on that partition it says that I don't have enought space even though it has 270GB free. I've tried running the setup from windows xp and from the disc via reboot.

Any help appreciated.
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  1. Have you tried deleting the partition and letting Windows create it during the install process?
  2. it wants to create a 100Mb partition so if theres nothing left after the 270Gb it'll not be too happy?
  3. Did you make sure it was properly formatted and you really have 270GB free partition? Check it again, it might be trying to install on another partition that doesn't have enough free space.
  4. I also experience the same problem when i trying to reinstall to my pc windows 7 which i have 500gb. But when i try to install windows xp, it installed successfully. This past months i've already using windows 7 but i don't what happen, one day my pc keep conducting repair and i have no choice but to reformat my pc and sadly that's what happen when i try to reinstall windows 7.
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