cheap case for office pc

hi all
could i have some help
im building a pc for friend to be used as a home office pc
could someone recomend a cheap and chearfull case and PSU
me myself I use a chieftec dragon but this is a little bit to much £. Id like the psu to be about 400watt.
thanks for you help.
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  1. Carefull about cheap 400W power supplies, which can't output more than a good 300W power supply and have a high failure rate.

    I'd suggest you look at cases from Inwin, Enlight, and Aopen. The older style Inwin and Enlight cases are very sturdy, newer styles of those and the Aopen are middleweights, all 3 companies offer mid-quality power supplies (included in certain models).

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  2. thanks for your help
    I will have a look at them
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