Call of duty 3

Hello, this game crashes my computer when playing. Have asus p5nd motherboard intel core quad cpu q9300@2.5ghz 2 geforce 8800 gts 512 sli 8gb ram, windows 7 enterprise. no oc'd. stats:
shader clock 1620mhz
gpu temp 55c
pcb 43c
gpu 48c
fan speed 53%
fan speed rpm 1586
mem used 156mb
gpu load 3%
memory controller load 1%
video engine load 0%
vddc v1.1500

now can anyone help me with this please
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  1. well your up to spec, the game works on win7 64 ultimate without compatibility.
    it does have to be run as administrator but it needs to be manually set as the game was designed for xp.
    your drivers are up to date?
    have you ran the program compatibility wizard to see if another program is causing a conflict with windows?
    have you checked the event viewer to see if it is the game.exe or 1 of its sub files.
    is it crash to desktop or bsod?

    make sure your direct x is up to scratch by using the 1 that came with the game.
  2. all drivers are up to date, and as I am a complete idiot where is the compatability wizard it crashes right out have to restart computer the direct x is a newer one not what comes with game and I am running as administrator
  3. you will still need components from the direct x that came with the game... so run it. it should then add missing dll's and hopefully stabilize the game.
  4. Hi :)

    Umm those 2 cards are only 512 mb each...are you sure you are not trying to run it with the settings in the game too high....I would guess it would run on medium at best....

    All the best Brett :)
  5. Hi Again :)

    Oops I forgot to say that assuming you mean COD MW3 its needs a BIG card to run at high or ultra settings, and 2 little cards (like yours) do NOT make 1 big least not for MW3 they dont...

    All the best Brett :)
  6. Have u tried running the game with a single card? Since it's an old card most probably the SLI is the culprit why you're game keeps crashing.
  7. he doesnt need a huge card for mw3 bret. its the same engine as cod 4 so anything over an 88gt will max it out pretty much at any rez under 1080p and still get more than 30 fps... my old 88gt still plays mw3 on high settings with no aa and gives 45-75 fps.
    so no its not as demanding as you may think it is...
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