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Hi everyone ,I'm very curious what those two lines :iMaxSkinDecalsPerFrame=10 iMaxDecalsPerFrame=30
in my SkyrimPrefs.ini do ?

people who tweaked their game and posted all over internet have very different values from mine in there.
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  1. my guess this would be how many decals is applied to skin models in each generated frame. Basically, the higher you set the number, the more decals you get.

    largely, if you're looking at a large number of people their skin will appear less detailed as opposed to if you were looking only at one person.

    But, again, taking a guess here.
  2. I read Geforce optimisation for Skyrim, and found that decal detail has very little effect on the actual details of textures and models. it just adds blood, and dust to characters, i don't think there's any difference at all between high and ultra, further supported in Geforce Tweak guide that there is hardly any performance difference between low, medium and high decal detail.

    have a look here at decal quantity.
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