Where can i find the name of a game?

so this game was pre 2004, it was a puzzle solving game with platforms where you had to kill animals and take their skins to become that animal (e'g' fox or sheep) and avoid being attacked by other animals like bears ect. each animals had their own abilities (e.g. sheep could float in strong winds) to solve the puzzles

any ideas?
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  1. it would definitely help to know what type of game it was. was it an internet flash game? did it come on a cd from a store? etcetera.

    then you could use google to help you find a list of games.

    for instance lets say its a puzzle game for windows... you could search for "puzzle game list for windows" and maybe you will get lucky.

    my guess is that such a simple game would have a name like "animal hunter", "fur trapper", or some other name which will jump right out at you from a list.

    its going to take awhile to find it though

    the other option is to find a forum devoted to gaming. preferably puzzles. you can then ask around there as people with the same interests as you (puzzle games) might have a better idea.
  2. I'm not sure, it was a friends game, i just watched, i've been asking around for awhile and nobody seems to have heard of it
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