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Skyrim Post-Install FPS Drop

So I'm running with the following rig:

Intel i7 950 @3.07 GHz
2x Crossfire ASUS Radeon HD 5750s
2x dual channel 240-pin pc3-10600 DDR3 1333mhz RAM
80GB Intel SSD

And when I first install Skyrim it's able to run for the first 5ish minutes after install at 45-55 FPS. For some reason though after those first minutes it quickly drops off first to around 30fps, then 20fps, and then finally now when i start up the game it runs at 8-11 fps and is totally unplayable.

I've looked at the load on both my graphics cards and my CPU and neither of them are even close to maxed out even when the game is running around 8 FPS. I'm not even close to using all my system's memory either.

I've been totally pulling my hair out over this one for the last weeks, anyone have any ideas whatsoever?
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  1. what temps are you running at?
  2. how much memory, you've only listed number of sticks, not what size they are. & what PSU, make and model please.
  3. Sorry about that one, each stick is 2GB (4GB total).

    My power supply is an Antec 750W Crossfire Ready power supply. Graphics card temperatures stay pretty low, they're always under 45C. I'll check out the processor temp when I get home to see if it's unusually high.

    On a related note, changing the graphics settings for the game doesn't seem to make any difference in the frame rate.
  4. can yoiu run it on one card and not crossfire.
  5. Yeah, performance is pretty much identical though when doing that.

    I've used Radeon Pro to monitor the load on both graphics cards while the game is playing, and by default the allocation of load between cards is pretty poor. By forcing the card to use Bioshock anti-aliasing profile I can get the distribution way better, but once again the performance doesn't change from what I get using one card.
  6. latest drivers? beta if needs be?
  7. So far I've tried out the 11.11c drivers (enable HD 5000 series crossfire support for the first time) and the new 12.1 preview drivers that are supposed to help with crossfire on skyrim
  8. make sure your power settings are set to full performance.

    You say right away it ran at 55 fps, this is during the intro movie?

    When you load the game now you get 8 fps this is where? in the middle of white run? or inside a tiny house in riverwood?

    There's something strange going on, since even on single 5750 you should be able to run it at better than 8 fps. what resolution are you using? Make sure your AA/AF is disabled in CC & in-game.
  9. Looks like it was CPU temps all along, re-mounting my CPU heatsink has pretty much taken care of my issues. Thanks for helping an idiot out!
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    glad to hear it, in general, something getting worse over time (short period), is heat.
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