Can't find this case anywhere!

<font color=purple><A HREF="" target="_new">Foxconn TH-202 Electric Blue: Hellish Encounter</A></font color=purple> :cool:

It was reviewed by TH and I like the way the inside looks as well as outside. Oh, and it seems like a good case too :wink: . Any help in finding this case would be appreciated.

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  1. I have seen this case on a few different sites. Give me a little time and I will try to find them. I would try to find some other reviews though. I read a review somewhere that said parts of the case were easy to break. Just wanted to mention that.
  2. It was the article that Tom's posted that mentioned the cheap plastic. Take another look!
  3. has the case!
  4. Here's a site. Although the pics shows it as red, not blue. keep at it with google, there's plenty of places selling this.

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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  5. But also built heavier than most of the other cases.

    In fact, most of the other cases should represent the flimsy trash that fills the low end market. Even the Antec case in this review was bottom end.

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  6. This is true. It may just be me, but it seems like case quality to a certain degree has gone down for the most part. This may be way off base, but I have had a bunch of compaq as well as gateway computers that were built in the late 90's. These cases were not flashy by any means, but they are solid. Across the board it seems like while design, features, and looks of cases have gotten better the stucture has been going in the wrong direction. I may be wrong in that I am comparing 2 companys back then to the whole industry now.
  7. Not at all! Remember Dell's heavy duty plastic ATX cases? Those were made by Palo Alto. They had a very thin metal liner and drive cage, supported by a very tough, flexible plastic exterior. New cases seem to be as light as the LINER of those old cases.

    Even if you look at Compaq and HP you'll notice their cases are 1/2 as thick as they were 5 years ago. Gateway still has some medium quality cases on some machines, but many are just thin trash. And if you look at Tom's review, you seem more thin trash comming from Antec, with a case resembling those super-light Compaq cases in construction, and weighing in at only 13lbs?

    As bad as the Foxconn case is, it's probably the second solidest one from the test. It appears to be a decent chassis with a cheap face panel.

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  8. I am confused now. I tend to do a poor job when it comes to getting my point across. Arent you saying that the old cases were more solid due to the thin metal liners you were talking about. If so, that is what I was trying to convey. I have dropped some of these old cases and hardly put a scratch on them. The new ones are thin and flimsy. I just got a Thermaltake Dream Tower today, and love it. If you just compare how solid it is next to one of my old compaqs it fails, and I think that thermaltake is one of the more solid cases on the market. Again, I am not trying to take anything away from thermaltake, I just think that the overall strength of new cases cant even compete with the old ones.
  9. No, here's what I'm saying:

    OLDER cases were usually made of
    1.) thick steel or
    2.) thick plastic with thin steel liners

    New cases are made of thin steel, similar to the liners of old plastic cases.

    Now, crap cases have nearly always been available. I've worked in the industry long enough to remember AT style cases that were so thin you're bend them mounting components. But it used to be people recognized such stuff as the garbage it was, now people are much less concerned about quality.

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  10. Im with you now. That is really twice as bad. If people become less concerned about quality or not willing to demand higher quality, the outcome becomes not only more predictable but inevitable. The company's producing the product are going to always seek maximim profit. If the demand for the product stays the same or rises even if the quality(cost to make the product)goes down, there is not much hope for things to get better. Im not telling you anything you don't already know.
  11. True, it seems the only "solid" cases coming out these days are industrial cases that are meant to fit in a 19" rack. I've got a 2-space rackmount case from, and it's seems bulletproof compared to my Cheiftech case I bought a couple years ago.

  12. Thanks for the links and everything. I was wondering...I have found these cases also, but the thing that is throwing me off is the Name of the case. That Epowerhouse link has "RED DIABOLIC MINITAUR ATX CASE" and Newegg has "Model# Diabolic TH202 BLUE". They have the same "Diabolic" name. I am assuming this is an older case than the one reviewed by TH (which doesn't have the name "Diabolic" in it). I would like the newer case which I think is reviewed on TH (silver looking case - all the Diabolics are black), but maybe I am missing something and these are the same cases? Please let me know.

    I agree with you all though, it does seem like cases are going in the wrong direction.
  13. Take this to heart my friend. I have a thermaltake Dream Tower, and it is nice, but for someone inexperienced like myself, it is causing me more issues than I care to get in to at this point. Im not saying your inexperienced, I am just saying that if I had it to do over, I would go with a BIGGER case, and not be so worried about the looks and the flashy stuff. I want a case that I can get up inside of if need be. Im sorry for venting my frustrations in your post! Best of luck to you, and stick with the THG forum. These guys know what they are talking about. Most of them anyway!!!!!!!!
  14. I appreciate the concern and advise mozzartusm. I do see where you are coming from and I wish I could walk into a closet sized PC Case. But, I have been fidling around with my old Pentium III Hewlet Packard Pavilion (model 8562 for you who like details) and the motherboard seating is as big as the case. I can barely get anything else into it and it is not full. I have been dealing with that tiny case for too long and anything right now would seem BIG to me. If you are saying that my old HP case is the same size as the one this post is about, then I will head that advise. I have upgraded that thing to the max and I have the scars too prove it. It sounds like the Dream Tower should be very easy to use with a title like that...give a link if you dont mind. I would like to take a look at what you are having problem with and how they are presenting it.
    Just so you know though, I am very inexperienced when it comes to building a computer (never done it) and I have had a hard time deciding on things. Cases are no exception. I am leaning towards being an enthusiats about things and wanted a good looking case with a solid review, that is the only reason I wanted it. Sounds silly, I know, but I am getting too tired of reading about things and not doing it. Thanks for the help...
  15. Dont let me talk you into thinking Thermaltake cases are bad cases, they are top of the line in my estimates. The problem is the person putting the system together" That would be me". What I wanted to get across to you is that I am also very new to this. As for the old P3 HP you mentioned, I am moving from the same basic situation. I have been using a compaq with a P3 slot Processor. Its a 550 Mhz processor by the way. The main thing that has frustrated me is that While the new case is much larger than the old compaq case, the amount of room you have to work with ends up about the same because of all the wires and other things that are used nowdays. One other thing that disgust me is just what we have been talking about in this post. The new cases just don't cut it when it comes to quality. That old compaq case is as solid as a rock. Again, Thermaltake is great, in fact I have already ordered one of their new cases "The Shark" for another system that I am going to build. You can check out both of these at Sorry that the link isnt clickable, I need to learn how to do that.
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