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Hello, i have a core 2 duo 2.93 and 2 gts 250 in sli
but my performance in bad company 2 is horrible even in meduim settings i get 30 fps barely :( , is my cpu causing a bottleneck or am i doing somethig wrong ?? plus when i turn off sli and run the same settings the performance of the game doesnt seem to be lowered either.
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  1. The fact that your performance doesn't lower when you turn off SLI could indicate a card isn't running correctly or you could have a bottleneck. Make sure SLI is running in the game by turning on the SLI indicator in the Nvidia control panel.

    You could tell if your CPU is causing a bottleneck if you run GPU-Z while playing and you find your video cards are not running anywhere near 100% utilization.

    Are you using the latest release of the drivers for the video cards?

    You 30fps framerate suggests an issue:

    Do you have AA turned on at all?
  2. ya i used the sli indicator and it shows the usage is very low, and every time i fiddle with the graphics the gpu usage stays the same while the frame rate drops does this mean that this game utilizes the cpu more than gpu?? (and vsync is off) therefore meaning my cpu is not powerful enough??
  3. and when in game cut scenes are playing the gpu usage becomes near full (its really odd)
  4. Just to give you a point of reference, my gaming PC (in my sig) will reach 100% for my video cards at various times while playing BFBC2. I'm running at 1080p.

    Open up your windows resource monitor. If you see your CPU at 100% and your GPUs are at low utilization levels, the CPU is the bottleneck. This is usually an issue at lower resolutions. What resolution are you running at?
  5. I'm running at 1360 x 768, so u mean when I use low resolution the game tends to use more CPU insted of gpu to render??
  6. Yes. You might be better off with 1080p or better. Do you have a 1080p TV you can test this on? You won't want to play it on the TV, because of the lag, but you can run fraps to see the frame rate the cards are spitting out.
  7. thanks, i ll try it out and see how it goes
  8. bfbc2 will only allow you to use 50 percent of the gpu when you use a dual core and sli.
    you will have to turn of 1 card and then you will get a playable frame rate with little or no fps droop*.
    bfbc2 needs a minimum of 3 threads although it will work on a dual it will have to share cpu resources to run the physics. this is what causes the low fps issues.
    there is little that you can do about it. you can oc the cpu but you wont get any increase. luckily you have a gts250 so your cpu is perfectly balanced for that card... so although you wont get huge fps or max out the game, your fps rates will be solid.

    * adding in the other card will cause fps droop where you get a couple of extra fps max but you get huge droops down to 10-15fps and it will spoil the game as your likley to spend more time at 10-15fps than 30+
  9. I'm thinking of buying a q9550 will it then sort the issue
  10. most definatly... although the q9550 is a little on the pricey side for what you get... any quad over 2.4 will be enough. so anything from a q66 up will work well enough. my personal choice would be the q8400 as its well priced and a good performer.(just dont bother with the q8200 or q8500 as they dont oc that well.
  11. I got hold of a used q9550 for 225 do u think its good? ?
  12. Used for $225!!?!? I'm sorry, but for that price you could have gotten an i5 2500k BRAND NEW from from that price. Yes, you would need a new motherboard as well, but man, $225 is just too much for an old processor like that, especially a used one.
  13. but that was the lowest i could find on ebay :(
    (it includes the cooling fan too) plus my mother board is a 775 so i dont think there are any core i5 to support it
  14. If you can find those processors new, they're still priced over $300. It's insane. Maybe collectors' items?
  15. ubercake said:
    If you can find those processors new, they're still priced over $300. It's insane. Maybe collectors' items?

    It's still ridiculous when you can get a 2500k for less.
  16. Seems like they'd rather force you into the newer chipset than sell their old processors.
  17. I managed to get hold of a Q6600 on ebay for £31 ($48), which runs BFBC2 a treat. Although high is still out of the question for me cos I have a HD3870 as my graphics card but having played very laggily on high it doesn't make a massive difference. Going from a C2D E6600 (old 2.4GHz version) to a Q6600 (same clock but quad core) improved performance A LOT. So I definitely recommend going Quad core if you can. I had the same problem as you though, being stuck with a S775 motherboard and not being quite ready to do the FULL upgrade to iCore with DDR3.

    Oh should mention my screen res is 1920x1200 (24" display) and I run all games at that native res.
  18. hey guys i finally bought a q9550, the processor works properly but my sli doesnt work properly :( , i tried uninstalling drivers and reinstalling them still didnt work :( , then i tried playing with the sli bridge still didn't work :( , after that i even changed the sli bridge to a different one still didn't help :( , Please can anyone tell me what im doing wrong ( and im sure both my vga's are fine because i tested them individually)
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