Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, FPS isn't as high as I think it should be

These are my system specs:

AMD Phenom 9150e Quad-Core processor ~1.8GHz


Zotac Geforce GT 440, 1G DDR3 memory

I have seen many people running Skyrim at high-medium for 45-50 FPS with their max low at 35 with a GT 440. However, my average is 20-30 and it only gets lower in cities like Whiterun, etc.

Is there a problem with my graphics card or something? And what is the FPS I should be getting? It doesn't seem to get higher if I turn the graphics down, staying at a constant 30-40 at the lowest possible settings.
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  1. What is your resolution? That plays a big part on how many FPS you can expect to get.

    Also, Skyrim is a CPU hog. Quad core does no better than dual cores, but Ghz make a big difference. 1.8Ghz is very slow. That will also play a part in your maximum FPS.
  2. A while back someone here on Tom's Hardware helped me by directing me to this...


    Maybe it can help you, too.
  3. I am using the TESVAL as well as Skyboost, but my FPS is staying at a stagnant 20-30 at 1200x800.
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