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Alright i thought that i would be cool and install tweakxp and pc optimizer....and yeah i did that and screensavers will not work. I have XP Home and every time i try to enable the screensaver it switches it back to 'none'. yeah i kno its not a huge deal but its really driving me crazy. Is there a system command or something though admin settings that im missing. Ive uninstalled the two programs and i cant find any programs i dont recognize in the task manager so im fresh outta ideas.

Thanks in advance....

<i>I'm a Sneakytiki!!!</i>
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  1. before you uninstalled the programs did you tell it to set all settings back ro origional( if you could)
    Many of these programs must be "unloaded" before removing them or the settings wont switch back to the way they were before.
  2. yeah i figured...are there any system commands or someway i can enable screensavers? its disabled somewhere i just dont know where.

    <i>I'm a Sneakytiki!!!</i>
  3. does anybody know how to get me my screensavers back...i even went into the registry and changed the setting from 0 to 1 and it still doesnt out of ideas, ive even tried scripts that enable/disable by default but that dont work neither...

    <i>I'm a Sneakytiki!!!</i>
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