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Im gettign a new case for my new computer originally i had in mind the thermaltake Tsunami (costing about $230NZ) then through reading the forum i found out about the Coolermaster CM stacker ($330NZ) and my friend (Wuzy) suggested i get the Lian-Li V1000 case ($370NZ) so my question is is it worth the extra money of getting the one of the more expensive ones?
I have no real use for a cases this expensive but they look cool and have better cooling for when i over clock. And which has the best cooling?
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  1. I have the Thermaltake case that you mentioned. Its a nice case, and Thermaltake is top quality. Having said that, I would not buy this case if I had it to do over. The reason simply being that it just doesnt have enough room in my opinion. This may or may not apply to your situation. I should be getting my new Thermaltake Shark series case today. Its got a little more room and a removeable motherboard tray. If you think the Tsunami is a good looking case take a look at the Shark series. The Lian-Li case is the case I would buy if I had not already purchased the Thermaltake cases. They are very nice and have lots of room. You should probably give a little more info about what your going to be doing with the case. List how many drive bay's you will need and the hardware that you plan on using. If you want to send me a PM for more info on the Thermaltake Shark case, I will be happy to discuss the Pros and Cons.
  2. Thanks for the reply
    Im just wanting it for a basic system, onyl really 2 5.25 inch bays for a CDRW and a DVDRW later on and room for a 2 to 4 hard drives so most cases meet that quite easily. Im planning on running a A64 3200+ or a 3.2ghz prescott so i would like decent cooling (the lian meant to be good at that), so i can overclock. I probably wont be removing the motherboard very much so a removable motherboard tray wouldnt be needed, i dont really care either way. I do want one that doesnt come with a PSU though (none of those ones do) im buying a Thermaltake 480w PSU. I dont really care how big it is, as in i dont care if its a full tower but i will be taking it to LAN parties so weight is a slight factor. want one that looks good as well
  3. I read a review on the Stacker but its been a while back, so my memory on that one is cloudy. If I remember correctly though that thing is pretty big. Sounds like you need light weight but solid enough that you wouldnt bang it to pieces transporting it. I have that PSU you mentioned. Again, I like thermaltake so dont take this as me putting the product down. My exact same PSU runs slightly low on the 5V rail. Its probably not low enough to hurt things, but it did shock me when I put in an old Sparkle 350W and it had higher readings. I may have just been unlucky and got one that was a little off. I'm not sure. Back to the case. I cant help much on giving advice about a good case to transport, but I can tell you that you will probably be making the correct decsion by choosing a higher end case. My Dream Tower was around $120.00. The Shark that I mentioned was $160.00 after shipping which was damn cheap compared to neweggs price, and they are usually as cheap or cheaper than most. I got the case at PC CLUB. Their prices on other items that I looked at werent that great, but on this one item they were. Probably trying to draw in more customers. Go to Thermaltakes web site and take a look at the Shark. I will let you know tommorow how it sizes up to my Tsumani Dream Tower.
  4. I ahve jut read reviews on all those cases mentioned and the shark series, the shark series one looks nice and has a pretty good review. The coolermaster has a pretty god review but for my purposes is a bit heavy, 14.7kg, too heavy for takign to a LAN. The Tsunami was cheapest of them all, it looks good and no reason for me to need anything more than that. The Lian-Li had a gread review, looks good, pretty plain but still, its got sturdy construction (2mm aluminium sides) the whole case is metal, hardly a piece that isnt, and it has been designed with 3 practically seperate areas for cooling, the PSU, the drives and the motherboard r all in seperate sections. Im still waiting to find out the price for most of these cases but on the provisior the prices are pretty good i will go for the Lian Li
  5. Your probably correct about the weight factor. That doesnt have much of an effect on me, but your situation is different. The most important thing about your final choice is that you researhed things for yourself. This website is great for info, and some of the people here are very sharp. In the end, the best choice is one that you are comfortable and happy with. You should have those bases covered. All thses cases are very nice! Good luck!
  6. Wuzy suggested the Lian-Li for YOU because HE'S stupid. He doesn't care that you have better things to do with your money. If you want a decent case for a decent price consider the Chieftec Dragon. It has good cooling and pleanty of space.

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  7. Thanks for the advice BUT
    First of all i'll point out wuzy is one of my best friends
    I dont like the look of that case, to me it looks like crap and costs the same as the Tsunami which looks cool
    And i do actually like the look of the Lian Li V1000, it looks classy and its not much more expensive than the others i been looking at
  8. But you'll understand if I don't let your friendship get in the way of me picking on him. He used to come in here talking all kinds of hype, and while he's pretty knowledgable of hardware he still goes for the hype sometimes.

    If you prefer the Tsunami over the Chieftec and they're the same price, get the Tsunami. Over here, the steel Chieftec cost around 1/2 the price of the Tsunami. And if Wusy says aluminum cools better, ignore him, your fans do so much case cooling that the case material doesn't make a noticable difference.

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  9. At this point, I think that I would stay away from the Tsunami. Now that I have had more time to work with mine, I am not as happy with it as I was to begin with. I still like it alot better than some of the junk thats sold today, but it has some minor issues that are a bit of headache. My experience is very limited, with newer cases. Im going to try one of the Chieftec cases for myself, this isnt the first time that I have heard good things about the price/quality ratio of their cases. The other case I mentioned "The Shark" came in yesterday. This case is great! It looks good, its solid, and the ventilation is very good. The Honey Comb side panel was a good idea. Its a great alternative to the clear side panel. It doesnt need a fan on the side, so it makes less noise than the Tsunami. I know you have the weight issue, so this one probably still doesnt apply, but thermaltake really hit a home run with this one.
  10. I really like this <A HREF="http://www.directron.com/201tblk.html" target="_new"> one... </A>

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  11. Did you get one of the PSU's that it listed, or did you buy one seperately?
  12. I got an Antec True 430 watt

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  13. My case is hidden under the desk and most likely will always be...

    Your recommendation in that case (NPI).
  14. Personally I like the Lian-Li with the cool, and unique, internal design..... but for style and maybe slightly cheaper I would go with the following:

    Casetek CS-C1020-2A-SM iQ-Eye Silver Metal Case
    Picture link below

    £73 over here but in USA all hardware is cheaper.... shame!
  15. FIrst of all ym prices r in NZ dollars which are worth less than US dollars so of course the values i say are gonan be higher. Anyway back to the point that case does look quite nice (in my opinion not as good as the lian but thats personal opinion) and you write its a hell of a lot cheaper BUT they arent easy to find in NZ theres about 4 companies taht sell that brand and none that sel that particular one, and for me its not really worth the extra effort to go to all of them and ask them how much that specific one would cost so I'll stick with the highly price lian
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