How to remove folder off my desktop in Windows 7

Hello Everyone, I have a new Hp-i7 860 Desktop Computer with Windows 7 Home Premium OS.

I started a folder on my desktop(show and tell screenshots of future questions I may have about Windows 7). After cropping and resizing these pics in my photo program, I copied this entire folder to My Pictures to give it a home. I then went back to the desktop to delete this folder to remove clutter. However, when I go back to this copied folder in My Pictures, all content has been deleted. ?? When I right-clicked the desktop folder originally, it did not give me a 'move' option on the menu, only a 'copy' option. How do I successfully move and then delete this folder on my desktop? Thanks for all your great help!
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    Try: right-click on the folder on your desktop > "Cut" > and then > "Paste" into your Pictures folder.
  2. Hello Gekko Shadow, When I 'Cut' and then 'Paste' to My Pictures, it leaves behind a picture on the desktop from the folder I just 'Cut'. haha! All 15 photos have made it to the location I chose(My Pictures), however, when I go back to desktop to delete the single pic to the recycle bin, it takes the whole folder to the recycle bin from My Pictures......?? Haha! Windows 7 has really given me a run for my money......these screenshots are the quacky things Windows 7 keeps doing. So I do have a running record of things happening here.

    I have since taken the original screenshots back into my photo program, renamed them so there is no question about starting new and then saving them to a brand new folder within My Pictures. Thank you for your answer!

    I have many times through the years staged my work(s) on my desktop and then later taken it into the folder of my choice where it will finally live. I am very sad it is not working like this with Windows 7. Surely, there must be a toggle or a tick so that I can use my desktop as a staging area??
  3. right click on folder. chose rename, rename, hit enter. right click on folder and select delete. not the right way to do it but it should work. before you do the above did you close the my pictures folder before you tried ?
    or you co make another folder, drag the folder in question into it.... then delete that folder.
  4. Hello Swifty, Yes, I thought of that. I renamed the folder on the desk and then deleted it to Recycle Bin but again the 'Cut' folder in My Pictures deleted right along with it. I restored everything and then watched the folder in My Pictures as I again renamed the original folder on the desktop. The renaming followed right along with the new moved folder in My Pictures, like it were ghosting or mirroring?? Very odd. Thank you for your post and help!

    It worked this time. I tried with a dummy folder to 'Cut' and 'Paste' takes it off the desktop and to the My Pictures folder. I have to be sure I put it in the correct destination folder(and sub folder, sub folder) the first time because there is no do over. It's GONE off the desktop. I can see losing files easily this way. Ugh...... Cut is intimidating! No more copy and paste.....I'm sad. Thank you for your post. You guys have very good information here! Yea!
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