Best graphics in a pc game currently?

This was last years list from this thread

Crysis Warhead is still number 1 visually though Metro 2033 is a close 2nd
1. Crysis Warhead
2. Metro 2033
3. Crysis
4. BFBC 2
5. Call of Juarez Bound in Blood (seriously good texture work)
6. Batman Arkham Asylum
7. Just Cause 2
8. Far Cry 2

I think many games look absolutely gorgeous but these 8 are the ones that stand out to me. I am probly forgetting a game or 2 that might replace some on my list but I can not remember them at the moment.

What is the current updated list?
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  1. Battlefield 3, Arkham City, heavily modded Skyrim probably bump several off the list, with BF3 arguably competing for the top spot. Crysis gets a lot of fanfare, and I love me some Crysis, but baseline BF3 looks better than all but the most ridiculously modded sandbox Crysis, and runs twice as well despite its visuals so I would have to say it's my top choice for now.
  2. These games are poorly optimised for PC though, they're inefficient for performance, and i am right, because there are games with good looking graphics that play with better performance using a decent graphics card.
  3. I think the best question is:

    What are the best graphics in a video game available to budget computer builder?

    I think this is more intriguing to ask because it involves the video game producers having really efficient coding in their software.

    Efficient code > inefficient, mass code.
  4. I like the unreal tournament engine and Call of Duty. It's not very good having excellent graphics when it plays like a picture slide show, or online when you want to be able to target the enemy, as fast as your hand movements.
  5. I have to disagree with Crysis Warhead, I actually prefer the graphics in Crysis 2. Shogun Total War 2 was visually impressive as well.
  6. Don't forget witcher 2
  7. witcher 2 and bf3
  8. I think the Assassins Creed games get overlooked alot too, the gameplay and cutscene graphics are pretty sleek.
  9. Battlefield 3 is visually the best looking game for PC right now... even though EA turned it into their version of Call of Duty and is now pay for more DLC crap with hacks and non-cooperative crap players. I am a very bitter Battlefield veteran. Just revamp BF2 or BF2142 and I will play that for years.
  10. I would have to say Skyrim with Enhanced shaders , fxaa , 2KTextures and with some other awesome mods.
    or GTA IV with Icenhancer and texture mods.

    Without mods i would choose Max payne 3.
  11. BF3 hands down imo.
  12. Witcher 2. Not even Crysis 2 or Battlefield 3 comes close to its detail, and when compared to skyrim, it blows it away.
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