PS3 through laptop (HDMI) sound issue

Hello, When I'm in the PlayStation menu I get the click sound when i scroll across fine, but when I launch a game the sound goes to a scratchy buzz sound. I cant hear the game at all. Ive tried using headphones but the same thing happens so its not my speakers. I'm playing it through an alienware mx 17 laptop. The picture works great. when i exit the game the sound works fine again through the playstation menu.

Also just found out my ps3 demos sound that are saved on my playstation works fine, its only the games i have on disc that have the sound issues?, its not the games though cause they have sound when i play through my tv. :S

any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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  1. Check the ps3's sound menu. It probably needs set to PCM instead of bitstream or possibly vice versa.
  2. Awesome mate, the ps3 sound setting was "AAC" i had to select thank you so much!! very helpful :)
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