STEAM, how to install games on 2 diffeent hard dives?

Ok so I just built my pc :) these are specs:
SSD 120 corsar (OS win 7 64bit)
500G harddrive (storge)
6970 gpu

Now the only thing i cant do for some reason is install some games on the 500G and some on the SSD. Its B.C of $$$*** steam. (your chose of words :pt1cable: )

Is there a work around? I would like to have several games on the SSD, say BB3, Shogun 2, StarCraft2, Guild wars or Starwars MMO) but want to save SSD for when i am doing online gamming. The HDD should be just for game like Shogun 2 or Naplon total war and Civ 5. Right now i have steam installed on SSD, and b.c of this i can not install anything on 500G do not get the option...
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  1. Nope Valve made the most ridiculous choice when they decided that users shouldn't be allowed to specify where their Steam library of games is placed.

    By default all of your Steam games are installed on the same disk as the Steam program itself - You cannot change this.

    This, and the annoying reset of pages when you go forth and back in the Steam interface, is my two biggest issues with Valve's system.
  2. Hard links do the trick. My steam games are spread over 3 different drives.
  3. DodSno said:
    Hard links do the trick. My steam games are spread over 3 different drives.

    Cool - you learn something new every day :)

    Sorry for my wrong answer, I shall go sit in the corner of my room and be shamefull :pfff:
  4. No shame, that's a pretty obscure trick. Really handy though :)
  5. You could use Steam Mover which automates the process as well.
  6. Even Steam teaches us how to install games on different drives. Here's the link:

    I came across this problem myself a while back since I don't want a lot of games taking up my space on the system drive.
  7. ok thank you guys!!!! now i can rest easy so to speak. :)
  8. I detest the constant regular updates whenever Steam is started. It is putting me off Steam. I should not have bought anything attached to Steam.
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