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Need A Good Keyboard

I need a good gaming keyboard under $100. I have the Logitech G19 and I don't like it, because I don't even use the screen and I don't even use the macro keys. I prefer to have a wrist rest, and the window key disabler. Thanks in advanced! :D
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  1. this one has everything you want (includes macros, i got keybaord but never used the macros keys)
  2. Leopold or filco. Switch is up to you.
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    shanky887614 said:
    this one has everything you want (includes macros, i got keybaord but never used the macros keys)

    Why does everyone keep recommending this horrible monstrosity. Its a cheap, tacky, kids toy.

    I suggest you go for a mechanical keyboard.

    This is a nice guide on mechanical keybaords, if you have not done so already I recommend you read it.

    Choosing a mech board all comes down to which Cherry MX key switch you prefer, which comes down to personal preference. Choosing which key switch is the most important factor to consider when choosing a mechanical keyboard, if you don't like the switch when you type on it, most likely, you won't ever like the keyboard.

    Once you have decided which Cherry MX switch you prefer you can then go on to thinking about which brand you would like, which features you would like and aesthetics. Make sure you try before you buy!!!!

    There are many different key switches used in mechanical keyboards.

    Cherry MX Blues, as used in the Razer BlackWidow, Rosewill RK-9000, DAS Model S, Filco Majestouch

    Cherry blues are clicky and tactile, Blues are usually used for typing and personaly I do not like these for gaming, It is almost impossible to "float" on Cherry blues and double tapping is also difficult. Cherry Blue switches are the best cherry switch for typing. The tactile bump can easily be felt, and the resistance is similar to your average keyboard. Although many people find them just fine for gaming, some don't like the fact that the release point is above the actuation point. This can cause some trouble with double-tapping. This is usually the case with someone who has experienced other mechanical switches before hand.

    Cherry MX Browns, as used in the Filco Majestouch, DAS Model S Silent, Razer BlackWidow Stealth, Zowie Gear Celeritas

    Cherry Browns are non-clicky and tactile, this means the keys do not make a clicking noise but still have a tactile bump felt when the key has actuated. Brown switches are considered a middle ground between typing and "gaming" switches. They have a light, tactile feel half way through the key press that lets you know the switch has activated. This gives you an indication of what you can release the switch. The switch is considered a middle ground because the reset point & actuation point are close enough together than you can "float" at that point, enabling you to double tap faster.

    Cherry MX Blacks as used in the Steelseries 7G / 6Gv2, Thermaltake Meka G1, Mionix Zibal 60, Filco Majestouch

    Cherry Black switches are linear (non-tactile) switches, these are considered one of the best switch types for gaming. When gaming, having a tactile bump does absolutely nothing because you're going to be bottoming out anyway. So these give you a very smooth feel. The actuation and release points are at the exact same position as well. So games that require a lot of double tapping become easier than on any other keyswitch. However, most people don't enjoy typing on them that much do in part, to their linear nature. If you're a person who tends to hit a wrong key every so often while gaming, these will be beneficial in that the high actuation force will help prevent many of those accidental presses.

    Cherry MX Reds as used in the Corsair K60 & K90

    Cherry MX Reds are another switch that can be considered a "gaming" switch. It's essentially a lighter version of the MX Black, requiring less force to actuate. Some people do not find this switch that good for typing or gaming because it is so light, but others rave for this fact. Light or Stiff is always a matter of preference.
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