Home made UPS

been looking around on different forums and saw a few things on home built ups's.
I was wondering if a Motomaster Eliminator Inverter,(CanadianTire) and a big lead acid battery (car/marine/truck) would this work?

Does this work? No? Where is file 13?
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  1. Having NOT looked into this at all, I would think that is the beginnings of a powerful UPS. However:

    1) Get the Marine - it's made to deep cycle. Car batteries don't like being discharged below 80%.

    2) Without some circuitry to provide switchover to the inverter and battery, I don't know what will happen when you provide AC power to both at the same time.

    3) make sure the inverter can invert both ways so the battery can be charged when there is power.

    Just random thoughts.

  2. Please post links if you succeed...It could be of interest to others, me included.

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