Looking for a good, solid, very quiet, power supply. Looking at spending somewhere below 70 bucks. I was looking on ebay and saw a whole bunch of coolmaxes. Any good? I think I need about 400W, this is what my system will be.

socket 754 3400+ Athlon 64
2 SATA hard disks w/ raid 0
1gb of ram
geforce 5200 or similar low end agp card
two cd-roms
floppy drive
1 case fan
thermaltake silent boost (any good??) cooler

Thats about it. It'll probably be used for like auotcad and stuff, no gaming or anything. Heres the video card

If thats no good, any suggestions?
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  1. eBay is for suckers. If you want a good power supply, you can buy them from any of the major online venders, like Newegg. You'll probably find them cheaper there too, because suckers overpay on eBay thinking they're saving money because it's an auction site.

    I'd go with a Fortron Source 400W or 530W. Their 400W is good for around 460W, and their 530W is good for over 600W. Fortron Source rates their power supplies conservatively.

    Another brand for Fortron Source is Sparkle Power. Also, some of Aopen's power supplies are Fortron Source, the ones with model numbers that start with "FSP".

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  2. Wow, i messed up that post a bunch. I meant to say all of those are on new egg, not ebay. Also that link is a link to the power supply, not video card, don't know why I said that. I was kinda curious if that was a good power supply. The Fortons don't sound bad, but I was looking for something quiet
  3. I have a 400Watt CoolMax in my back-up PC. It's big, heavy, and quiet with a selectable 3-speed 120mm fan. I love the harness and the rail voltages are right-on too. I've only had it two months so that's about all I can tell you.

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  4. I read some reviews for it, and was very impressed. I think if the 350W that comes with this case doesn't hold out, and I doubt it will, I'll probably pick up one them. I had almost decided on a enermax noisetaker, but these are cheaper, and the reviews are very good.
  5. Coolmax used to go by ATNG - a decent mid-level brand. The Fortrons with the 120mm fans are among the quietest around.

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