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I just purchased an ASUS NCCH-DL Motherboard, with Kingston hyper x memory, khx3200ak2/1g for a total of 2GB of ran and using 2 XEON 533 MHz Fsb 2.66 GHz 512 K cache processors. I plan on running 4 SATA hard drives in RAID “0” Striping, hopefully WD Raptors. And possibly 3 CD/DVD ROMs or burners and 1 Floppy to load the drivers. What I need is advice on a case for this system, and a power supply that can power the hardware and fans for the case, as well as good heat sinks to keep the CPU’s COOL.
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  1. All I can say is that you'll need a lot of juice, dude. I'll poke around and see what I can find. Just keep in mine that just because a PSU says that it will run at a certain wattage doesn't mean it will run it constantly. Check the amperes on the 12V rail and try to stay above 18A.

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  2. Thermaltake has some nice large cases.

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  3. I will second the Thermaltake case as a good choice. I have the Tsunami and the Shark. The Shark is the best Thermaltake case by far.
  4. Lian-Li PC-V1200
    Lian-Li PC-V2000
    Lian-Li PC-V2100

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  5. I really like my Thermaltake Shark, but be aware that I did have to make two minor fixes to the case to get it to function properly.

    First, the problem that many people have reported but is easily fixed, is the filter on the front case fan. This filter is slightly warped inward on many of the sharks. This causes it to come in contact with the fan and make a very irritating noise. You just have to bend and flex the filter a bit (the filter frame is plastic so it bends easily without breaking) to warp it the other way. Takes about five minutes. Hardest part is getting the front off. I kept having keystone cops moments where as soon as I'd get one of the clips out, the one of the opposite side that I had gotten out previously would click back into place. But again, it's not really a big deal.

    Secondly, my motherboard didn't fit on the motherboard tray very well. I had to bend the tray slightly to get to motherboard to fit correctly. There was a tread I posted about this a couple weeks back. Not sure where it is now.

    The only other downside is the CPU fan noise and video card fan noise is a little louder than I would like due to both fans being near the open grill on the side of the case. However, where I have my case sitting may be amplifying the noise some, so it might not be as loud as it sounds. Also, I had a very quiet PC before so it might not really be that loud, just louder than I was use to. Noise is always a difficult thing to relate to people because it's so subjective. What's loud to one person may be just fine to someone else.

    I have mixed feelings about the open grid on the side not only because of noise, but because of dust. But that can be dealt with. Open grill helps with temps I'm sure, so it's a trade off.

    Now, as for good things, the Shark has good things in spades.

    It looks sweet.

    The little magnet to keep the door closed on the front is a cool idea.

    The airflow in this thing is just sick. The way I sit at the computer, my feet are right in front of it. I've had to start wearing socks because all the air being sucked in through the front of this thing causes my feet to get cold. I can actually feel the little hairs on my big toes whipping in the wind. I have an AMD 3500 Winchester with stock heatsink. And while this sucker isn't a hot chip, the highest I've ever seen my CPU is the low 40's C under full load (temps checked during/right after play of EQ2, Sims 2, Knights of the Old Republic, Unreal Tournament 2004).

    Tons of room to work in and hide cables. There's so much room to work with in fact, you'll lose some of your appreciation for the removable motherboard tray.

    No sharp edges.

    Front and rear fans are not only big (120 mm), but pretty darn quiet.

    All the removal trays/drive rails make installing hard drives and CD/DVD drives really simple.

    Really solid and sturdy, but not very heavy.

    Have I already mentioned how sweet it looks?

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  6. thanks for all the advice, I've just porchased my heatsinks and the will be in soon...swifttech MCX603-V with some Vantec Tornado 80mm 80x80x38mm 5700RPM 84CFM fans for the heatsinks... this should keep the CPU's nice and cool...I'm still looking at cases and power supplies... I want to make sure I find a case that will support 2 xeon processors, and have enough power to power all the fans, 4 SATA Harddrives, and at least 2 possibly 3 CD/DVD ROMS/Burners,and 1 floppy for driver instilation...I've had a powersupply burn up before because it could not handel the load on a previous computer, I don't want to make that mistake again...I had to replace the mother board in that system...ABIT VP6 it was a sweet board
  7. The Lian-Li PC-V2100 has got to be the highest quality and most advanced full tower case avaliable. It separates all the main heat sources (hd, psu, system) and gives them dedicated airways. It also has foam dampening on all sides of the case as well as rubber gasget to completely silence the case. Just like all other lian-li cases it also has very good dust filters. The only real downfall of the case is the price, it is probably the most expensive full tower case avaliable at about $300 :)

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  8. does that case come with a power supply, or does it have to be purchased seperatly?
  9. Whar are your opinions on these cases? SC742T-550 or SC743T-650 both are made buy supermicro...and come with powersupplies, are they worth the price tag?
  10. The lian-li does not come w/ a psu.
    Those supermicro cases would be ideal if you don't plan on moving your comp much and plan on making reduntant arrays. That case would be ideal if you want to have a big raid5 array with raptors or something. If noise is an issue I wouldn't go for it, that case is going to be VERY loud.

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