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I hope someone can help cause I'm confused.
Recently I bought an Antec Sonata with a
Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe Nforce4 motherboard. Both
are ATX formfactor.
Though when installing the motherboard a problem accord.
The ATX-power line from the TRUEPOWER 380W PS ( installed with the case ) is a 20-pin plug. The pin on the motherboard is 24-pin.

When searching the internet I found that the motherboard is
ATX v2.0 ( 24pin )while the Sonata only supports ATX v1.3 (20pin).

Now there is a cable that converts EPS12V(24pin) to ATX 12V(20pin). Now what is EPS12V?
From the internet I found the following
"What is EPS12V? EPS12V is a special, non-ATX standard adopted by the Server System Infrastructure (SSI) group to provide a more powerful and stable environment for critical server-based systems and applications. EPS12V equipment is not compatible with standard ATX or ATX12V PCs found in homes and offices. Power supplies built to the EPS12V standard include a 24-pin motherboard power connector and an 8-pin +12V connector. (Source: Antec)"

But when searching for motherboard that supports "EPS" i can't find anything. Only powersupplies that support EPS but they also support ATX and most of them are 20pin which only makes me more confused.

My question:
Is EPS the same as ATX V2.0 meaning that it's safe to use
the 20 to 24pin converter. Or should I go for a new powersupply that supports ATX v2.0 like the Neopower 480W?

regards Joel

Joel Hernestål
Semcon Informatic
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  1. Have you given it a try? it "might" work and it really can't hurt to try. If you are going to have 2 video cards you are going to need a bigger psu anyway though.

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  2. Most 24-pin boards will work with the 20-pin connector. Otherwise the adapter would do the job.

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  3. EPS is both the 24 pin and 8 pin connector, or rather, those are required for the EPS standards. There are lots of EPS boards, you need to look at servwer boards though, not desktop boards(have one here righ tnow which I can't setup until I get extension in for that same stinking 24 pin connector, as it's about .5" too short).

    And yes, you should be able to use the 24-20 pin adapter for this just fine.
  4. uhh..i have the exact same problem. I bought the A8N-SLI deluxe board from Asus and I only have a 20 pin ATX power supply. I am unable to find any 24 Pin power supply for under $115, and the cheapest case with a 24 pin power supply well over $200.

    H E L P
    I tried using the 20 pin in the 24 pin, but it barely even starts up. It sometimes starts, but usually screws up way before I can come close to getting the Windows setup up. I really, really, really need some help in finding a new case with a 24 pin power supply or a new power supply with 24 pins. I spoke with a guy at microx-press and he said that it is a very bad idea to use those 20 to 24 pin adapters, he said it might not even work, but it could make the system slow and unreliable. You can't just appear witg those extra 12 volt and 5 volt pins out of nowhere I guess. Anyways...I would really like some help in finding a store that sells these or has a case with a 24 pin PS. GAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I didn't know I needed one! :(

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  5. I had a Vantec 520watt in the past that had a 24pin plug, it is about $90. I'm sure crashman with say fortron source! fortron source! So I'll go ahead and mention the fortron source 530watt for about $90. And since I love antec so much I'll mention the antec true550 eps12v even though it runs over $100 :)

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  6. Hi all

    Thanks alot for the input.
    I havn't been able to test it yet. Though I have been in contact with Antec who first said that it worked fine using my 20pin into the 24pin motherboard contact with no adapter at all. Just ignore the 11,12,23 and 24 pins.
    But .. after asking why these pins where not needed and explaining that I hoped it would not cause any problem with
    my PCI-Express card they changed there minds.
    Now they say that my powersupply will not work with a
    PCI-Express. Also it lacks the 6-pin PCI-Express power connector.
    They recommend the NeoPower 480W.

    Hmm .. any other ideas.
    Feels pretty lame to first buy a case with a preinstalled
    powersupply than be forced to buy a new one.

    regards Joel
  7. I would still give it a try. You arn't going to hurt anything by trying.

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  8. Hi again
    Yesterday I got my 6800GT PCI-Express card and finally
    I could test everything.
    And to my surprise everything worked. No problems with
    the powersupply at all.
    Also.. I've checked the so called "adapters" from 24 pin
    to 20 pin. On these "adapters" the 11,12,23 and 24 pin isn't even connected witch make no sense in buying them
    at all. Totally waste of money.
    Though if I would to buy another 6800GT for the SLI to work then I would have to buy a "real" 24pin powersupply.

    Thanks again for all the help.

    regards Joel
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