Help! PC went bang, now whats wrong?

I built myself a PC about 3 months ago;
AMD 3000 64 Newcastle
MSI K8N Neo Platinum
2x 512Mb OCZ EL Platinum
2x 80Gb Maxtor in Raid 0
HIS 9800 Pro 128Mb
CDRW and DVD drive
I had a couple of system fans (120mm & 80mm) on a fan controller.

To power this I bought a X-Pro 400W PSU, (

About a month ago while the PC was on overnight, it went bang crack fizzle pop, I saw a flash and then it turned off. The PSU worked no longer, and I don't know anyone with a similar sytem (s754 & raid) so I sent the PSU back to where I brought it from, costing me £8 delivery but nevermind. They agreed it was dead and sent me a new one. I plugged this in and when I switched the PSU on the whole PC came on, then turned off after about 5sec, nothing appearing on the screen, and MSI's diagnostic LED's all showed red. It did this everytime I pressed the system power button. I then left it for about 15min and went back and reset the CMOS but now it would not do anything. (I wonder if it would still have turned on had I not reset the CMOS).

I have tried the PSU in a SoA system, and it turns on but the system fan (powered from MB) doesn't come on, and it gives the same 4 red LED's (also an MSI board) and doesn't boot.
I have tested the memory and graphics card in the SoA system and they work fine, but I have no way of testing the CPU. I got the CPU from and the MB/PSU/Mem from

Am I right in saying there is definately something wrong with my MB because otherwise it would turn the PSU on like the SoA sytem did, and the PSU must be faulty because it wouldn't power the SoA system correctly?

I dont understand how my MB, however faulty, could break the PSU when it has short circuit and over-voltage protection.

What do you think overclockers response will be when i request an RMA to send back the replacment PSU and MB as well? And given that the memory and GC are fine, what chance do you give my CPU and raid setup? Could a bad CPU blow the MB and PSU?

Sorry its so long, Thanks for any answe
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  1. Hey, someone give me some guidance pleeeease!
  2. Since you had the pop, spark and fizzle it is hard to say what actually got burned.

    If you've suffered a large surge anything or everything could be damaged.

    You can visually check your mobo for bad capacitors or coils: <A HREF="" target="_new"> BAD CAPACITORS</A>

    The surest thing you can do is test components one by one on a machine that works. Find a friend.

    The loving are the daring!
  3. <A HREF="http:// These guys having trouble too " target="_new">http:// These guys having trouble too </A>

    maybe do ur post in the Mobo section. It may get more attention.

    The loving are the daring!
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