Something killing power supplies.

I have had 3 power supplies go bad in one computer over the last few months. The system runs stable and there are no warning signs before the power supply goes. I will be using the computer and it will just shut off. No spark, no noise just on one second off the next. All power supplies were 450 watts or more. Has anyone heard of an issue like this before?
The system ran without a flaw for the the year previous to this issue.
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  1. All power supplies are not created equal, you did not even specify the brands.

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  2. CPU type & speed, number of hard and optical drives, type of video card?

    Very, very few computers consume more than 250-300W, but many low quality supplies can't output anything close to that for long, and a look inside some 450W supplies will reveal them being less substantial than other brands rated for just 300W or, occasionally, even 250W.
  3. Make and model would be nice to know :)
    And what sort of wireing/power conditions does your house have? Do you have lots of devices that may be causing frequent power surges? If the lights in your house dim a lot you are going to want a UPS to protect your computer :)

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  4. Did you connect you computer to a UPS or surge protector?
    I would give them a try.
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