Skyrim lag/low FPS HELP PLS

Hello, I'm having major lag spikes on Skyrim. Sometimes gameplay is smooth (25+ FPS), then poof :sarcastic: less than 10 FPS. Though the recommended setting is set to high, I can barely even play the game properly on 800x600 lowest settings without the lag issue.

I'm using an Alienware m17x R2 with:
Win7 64 bit
Intel i7 Q740 @1.733GHz CPU
Nvidia Geforce GTX 285M overclocked 900/2200 on 290.53 beta driver

I'm also trying the beta 1.4 patch for Skyrim.

I've also tried the ENB and d3d9 .dll files, disabling v-sync and turning off controller in settings.

Any ideas? Thanks :??:
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  1. That sounds about right for that GPU. If you're sometimes within the 25 FPS range then it isn't surprising that it deeps to 10 and below. FPS are typically not consistent due to different 3d variables on screen happening at different times. My recommendation would be to lower your settings. Start with medium and see how it "feels" to you and go from there. After that you can customize the options yourself and lower certain things like draw distance for objects and characters.

    285M -
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