Most Steam games crash. New build

I got myself a new CPU and motherboard on saturday and put it together. Some games, GTA IV, Battlefield 3 and just casue 2 are wokring. Then today, at a lan party, we were going to play some m3, left 4 dead 2, some GTA iv and they all crash or freeze. They had to install as usual on a new OS. But they will not launch. GTA iv crashed on launch, left 4 dead 2 crashes on launch and MW3 freezes on the menu, and i have to open task manager and end the process. I have reinstalled GTA iv from a backup, verifyed eeach game, and still no luck. Can someone please help becuase this LAN has kinda sucked for me since i havnt been able to play any games

I have the latest drivers, realese 12.1. No luck, tried on 11.12, still no luck. I have reinstalled steam, rebooted. Disabled crossfire. Still no luck
Just cause 2 is still working though
Intel core I7 2600K
Crossfired 6970s
Asrock Fatal1ty Z68
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  1. Did you figure this out ? I am having the same problem also,
  2. Get cpu-z and gpu-z and check your temps.
  3. Well it took me an hour to resolve this issue, Amazingly it was what least I expected the BIOS. Temps and everything was fine I got FX 8120 OC 4.5 49C on load with a R7970 XFX OC to 1100 and 1450 79C on load got plenty of fans and cooling. I guess the problem was something with the DRM of the Valve games and the BIOS.
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