PC Locked up while playing SWTOR. Now does it with BF3 also.

Hello, I was playing the new Star Wars MMO which I had been playing constantly since it was released. While playing it on the 24th my system locked up with a colorful stained glass appearance and has continued to do so with SWTOR and BF3. What can I do to figure out what the problem is? Prior to this I've never had any problems with BF3 and had been playing SWTOR constantly for days without a problem.
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  1. Get coretemp for your cpu and Msi afterburner to monitor you gpu.
    Your temps might be the issue. See what they are running at then you can see which component might be overheating
    have you changed drivers since then?
  2. I have both installed and monitoring the temps. CPU - 47c / GPU - 70c-75c. I also have the latest Nvidia beta drivers installed.
  3. Hi :)

    Machine specs ???

    All the best Brett :)
  4. As Flint Iron already stated, it sounds like the memory chips on your graphics card are overheating.

    Are the 70-75c temps idle or under load?
  5. 60-64c idle. 70-75c idle. It seems to lockup right around 74-75c but when I reboot it still reads as 75c but isn't locking up.

    Win7 Home Premium

    8gb DDR2 ram

    AMD Phenom X4 9950 Black Edition

    EVGA Geforce 9800 GT 1gb (I have a Gigabyte Geforce GTX 560ti 1gb on the way)

    Nvidia M750SLI-DS4 motherboard
  6. If it is idling that high it is your gpu.
    The new one should fix your issue
    what is happening if your idle temp is that high, then when you game it most likely is hitting well over the acceptable temp resulting in the shutdown/lockup
    one thing you can try is cleaning the dust from your card.
    A can of compressed air will work fine just blow all that crap outa there and see what your temps are like. If that doesnt work then it may need thermal compound reapplied. That hopefully will help it enough to last until your new card arrives
  7. I've been using an electrical version of the compressed air to clean out all the dust(there was a lot). Sad that it takes a failing GPU to get me to start looking after the maintenance of my PC. I have some articsilver thermal compound and articleaner on the way for my cpu. I also have the kingston cooling fan for my ram in the mail. I also have the antec cyclone blower expansion slot fan coming, anyone have any experience with that?
  8. Not i but glad to see.you have things underway. What temps are.you running now that you blew the dust out
  9. Same temps as before, 60-64c idle goes up to about 75c before LOCKUP!!!. I blew the dust out before I even made the original post. I try to put in a "little" legwork before I head to the forums. It actually looks like it idles around 61 most of the time, I had the side of the case on when I took the readings but the side fan doesn't work. Looks like the inside of the case goes up 3-4c when closed.
  10. But that shouldnt warrant thw high temps you are experiencing. Last thing i can think of is to reseat the heatsink with new thermal compound. I know you are getting a new card but if yOu could figure this out Im sure you would be able to sell the card yOu currently have
  11. Also some people have made comments in other threads about PSU. I'm running Hiper Type R Mk II 880w PSU. Is that enough for the system I'm running and will it be enough for the gtx 560 i have coming?

  12. Your psu reviews highly and should be just fine for a single 560ti
  13. New Gigabyte GTX 560ti installed and idling @ 29c!! Will report back if it has any problems in game. Thanks for all your help guys!
  14. Np, grats on the upgrade
  15. chriscornell said:
    As Flint Iron already stated, it sounds like the memory chips on your graphics card are overheating.

    Are the 70-75c temps idle or under load?

    Ya agree with you.This is a good idea for him.Because he constantly playing games.Thats why his memory chips on his graphics card were overheating.
  16. Crashing to black screen like crazy in SWTOR over the last few days and now I'm seeing crashing in BF3 which has run smoothly for me since release.

    GTX 580 running 290.53 beta drivers which I upgraded to after experiencing the crashing. I also switched to windowed (fullscreen mode) and after these two changes I was able to play for 2 sessions without issue but now the problem is back and worse than ever.

    I'm now in the same boat as Sure, BF3 is crashing on me frequently.

    Temps are in the mid 40s underload for the CPU and the GPU never goes above low 50s. Specs in member config.
  17. You have a different issue Im assuming as OP has an idle temp about 30c higher than it should be
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