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Um, Im lookin For a game similar to M&B that i can play with my sword i can mount horses i have my own party I can create my Own Character Thing , Umm something realistic im not kind of a guy who likes Fantasy Games like Obvlion ,,etc , i will be greatful if u guys can hep me ...

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  1. as far as I know M&B are one of a kind. There have been games that were similar but they just don't come close
  2. Games not like oblivion!!!! because Oblivion is not realistic!!! Oblivion is a very realistic game tbh, i mean much more realistic than all of those Japanese fantasy games, and it is both first and third person. Maybe you need to check out Oblivion more like the Imperial Legion, the armors and weapons they use, look quite realistic to me. The main fantasy thing about Oblivion is the races, like Argonian, Elven, and Orc, but the game makes the races look more realistic with it's textures, makes them look more humanoid, but the imperial Legion and Town guard are all Imperials (Humans). I can't think of any other Role Playing game that isn't cartoony and is a First person like Oblivion. The cities in Oblivion look quite realistic to me, stone walls, and castles, it's quite a lore friendly game.

    I suppose though that on Oblivion you won't be able to use weapons while riding a horse, that's the main downside.
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