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BF3 - Advantages/Disadvantages of increasing field of view

Has anyone done a comparison regarding the advantages or disadvantages of increasing field of view in BF3?
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    The advantage is you gain peripheral view. The drawback is that objects in front of you are physically smaller than they would be at a narrower FOV. Larger FOV's are more comfortably played on larger resolutions on larger screens to offset the shrinkage. That said, I prefer 90 in-game FOV setting which I believe is vertical, and results around 120ish degrees on my 28" 1920x1200. On my 22" 1680x1050 I like an FOV of 75-80 vertical.
  2. I was thinking that's how it would work.

    So a smaller FOV may be better for sniping or give you a better advantage with distant targets?
  3. Yes that is correct. You sacrifice peripheral vision for larger center objects.
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