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Game and Storage Devices (USB Sticks)

Hey guys, I got Battlefield 3 and I played it and It's being wonky (gun disappears and such, no matter) So I was just wondering if I put BF3 on a 16gb USB Flash drive (Installed version of BF3, no nothing removed) if I uninstalled it on my PC (for Space Reasons) If I just copied all the files from the USB Stick, if it'd work?

Just wondering because I don't play it because of the issues it's giving me but Im on a download limit and don't want to download that 4gb patch again.

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    Hi :)

    Umm sort of...

    PUT all the files on the stick...

    Then reinstall from the disc..


    Then copy the stick files back over the top....

    That should work...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Thank man, Thats awesome.

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  4. Hi :)

    Dont forget to totally UNINSTALL the game BEFORE reinstalling it....

    All the best Brett :)
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