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Hi all,

I'm looking to get a new PSU and have been for some time now, but I am unsure for one if all these so called Silent PSU's are that silent.

I currently have a Q-Tec 550W Dual Fan Gold PSU, which I must say has served me VERY well so far with no problems.

My system Spec is as follows:

Gigabyte 8I875
1 GB Kingston HyperX DDR PC3200 RAM
256MB Nvidia BFG GeForce 6800 ULTRA OC 256MB
74GB Westen Digital 10,000 RPM ATA 8MB Cache
250GB Maxtor Hard Drive 7200RPM IDE ATA 133 8MB Cache
120GB Samsung Hard Drive 7200RPM ATA 133 8MB Cache
2 DVD Optical Drives
Floppy Drive

WaterChill Antarctica CPU/Chipset L30 Pump

My watercooling takes Power directly from the PC's lead going into the back of the PC and does not depend on my PSU.

So my new PSU is going to need to be powerful enough to run all that all maxed out when I start runngin games like HL2 and others.

Currently I am unsure what fan is loudest but I'm guessing it's my PSU due to it's DUAL fans. I only have 4 in my system. 1 on my Graphics Card, 1 (120mm) for my water cooling although this is adjustable to whatever speed I wish and 2 fans in my PSU.

So taking all that into account what would be the fan for me.

It needs to be the kind of PSU fan you wouldn't mind having inyour bedroom and leaving on all night while you sleep and you don't wake up with a massive ringing. LOL


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  1. get urself a silenx or ahnix power supply
    It is 14db and is noiseless
    Most "silent" power supply's are 21db
    U cant hear it even if u put ure ear to it.
    I got the 550watt version and I'm very happy with it

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  2. My antec true550 is completely silent. I have a fairly substantial load on it and it is still silent.

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  3. I've seen quite a few posts about Antec's 550 Truepower dieing though, well more like blowing up.
  4. Really? I'll have to look around for those. I've never seen or even heard of a dead one. My friends true550 is still running strong and he got it when they first came out.

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