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Battlefield 3

Dear friends i have problem while installing Battlefield 3 Game, my system specs are:

• OS: Windows 7 64 Bit
• Processor: Core 2 Quad (8mb cach)
• RAM: 4 GB
• Graphic card: Nvidia evga 580 (1536 mb)
• Hard drive: 500 GB

when i double click on "bf3" icon ( setup icon present in game directory) for installing Game, i see a picture containing msg and ask to click next, when i click next i see a text below:

"An error occurred during the online release date check. Click Retry to try again.If the error persists, please click 'Exit' to abort the process
and find a solution at the support website:"

So what i have to do, i remove the little "TM" Symbol too but the problem is still not solved....please help me i will be grateful to you...
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    have you looked at the support site? Is this a disk download or from origin, I assume Disk, is it legitimate? Have you installed origin first?

    The address as you give ends up like this;
    you need it to end up like this
    This address will work.
  2. Thanks allot you all....
    i install this game, but it crash the bios of my new evga 580 card....
    Thanks alot you all.
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  4. Is it fixed or not?
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