hummmm msn is pretty bad, but they are just a bit ahead of aol. AOL are some bad people. I canceled it and the said i have to the 6 of the next month to use aol. Then i used once on the 5th of the month. THOSE BASTARDS TRIED TO CHARGE ME FOR A MONTH OF USE!! i was like [-peep-] off you Rhino butts!! HA HA FU!
i live in the oklahoma city area in the US. MSN lets me on most of the time, whereas aol was a bitch to get on.LOL
they both suck chicken butts
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  1. well actually dial up in general sucks! I have a free broadband hookup in my dorm, wait make that three. My roommate and i both use one, but that still leaves one free. Dialup sucks, i dont even have a modem in my machine!

    The last time I tried to use my imagination, I ended up in a straight jacket! :eek:
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